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Patient Testimonials

Here are some of your comments and quotes about us.
  • great dentist, good hygienist
  • So helpful, informative and caring especially for people who have had bad experiences in the past
  • Having a dentist who makes me relaxed and confident and attentive dental nurses. Geraldine is my hygienist and Elaine as a very friendly and helpful receptionist
  • Very good service and results and all staff are very friendly and helpful
  • Stephen always puts you at ease, staff friendly but professional
  • Organised, efficient, welcoming, friendly, calm, helpful, you all know your jobs and do an amazing job! You are just lovely and genuinely its clear you love what you do!
  • Always happy, never stressed, well you never show it! It is run and managed very well”
  • Exceptionally friendly but professional, putting the whole family at ease on every visit. Happy atmosphere
  • friendly and thoughtful care
  • Professional service, keep up the good work
  • The team members always have time for you and are interested in helping
  • It is an excellent service
  • maintained high standards

12 Sept 2013

Thank you for sending the Practice Newsletter recently. I was impressed to read about the quality awards the practice has won for 'customer service' etc. I would have expected nothing less as all your staff are always friendly and helpful. If you have to go to the dentist (and I would prefer not to) yours is a very nice one to visit.

However, there is something far more important! You and your colleagues have probably saved my life. You, in particular, have made me aware over the years that smoking and drinking (especially together) are not a good idea. Though it was very pleasant to get home, put supper on, pour a glass of red wine and light up. You did a test to show pre-cancer spots and I had some, so you warned me again of the risks I was running. You have mentioned this regularly. Some would call it 'nagging'. In April 2012 I had an 'ulcer' which did not go away within a week or so as I anticipated. I couldn't see it and was suspicious, so I booked an emergency appointment. I saw Rob who thought it could be something associated with my tonsils, but definitely needed investigation.

Within 10 days I was in Maxillo-Facial at QMC and at the first visit they confirmed that it was cancer under my tongue. By the end of August I had completed all the treatment (surgery and radiotherapy) successfully.

Twelve months later I am being regularly monitored and I am free of cancer. I did ask the surgeon and oncologist what would happen if I declined the treatments they proposed. They were in no doubt that the tumour would grow and be very unpleasant and probably fatal. So I have you and Rob to thank for alerting me to the dangers of my bad habits and acting promptly when I suspected the tumour.

I think other patients might like to know about this. Making a dentist visit pleasant is a very good thing, saving a life is quite another.

Many thanks to you and all the team.


Just a quick thank you for the fantastic service I've received from your surgery after being referred for a wisdom tooth extraction. I've had issues with dental practices in the past, i.e difficulties rearranging appointments and undergoing the surgery itself, but at Wollaton Park I felt cared for right from the first phone call up until this morning when one of your team kindly rang to check on my progress. Dr Shaffery seems genuinely passionate about his work too and never once patronised me or berated me for not taking greater care of my teeth - something that many dentists seem to feel obliged to do when their patients are at their most fragile!

Kind regards,

16 June 2013

Dear Mr S Shaffery and all staff at Wollaton Park Dental Practice

I would like to spend a few moments of time to offer my thanks for the kind an considerate treatment I received at your dental practice. As a particularly fearful patient I was made to feel at ease by your calm and reassuring manner. I appreciate the time you took to listen to my phobias with concern rather than irritation.

Whilst I expect I will always be nervous with certain procedures I now know that if and when extreme dentistry is required it is not necessary to spend months beforehand going through periods of anxiety.

As you promised the sedation did work. I only remember snippets, which are okay! Apologies for any gibberish spoken! Finally, once again many thanks for your time, you are a credit to your profession.

Kind regards

13 Feb 2013

Following our telephone conservation I just wanted to send a quick email to reiterate my thanks for the treatment I received last week.

I am a very nervous patient and the care given in consideration of this was exceptional. I don't remember much of the treatment - thanks very much to the sedation but I do feel much better now and in fact I feel a bit better about visiting the dentist. It was also very nice to receive a phone call to ask how I was - all round fantastic care! My gums are healing nicely and this is no doubt a result of the excellent work done by the dentist.

Please could you extend my thanks to Stephen Shaffery and the two nurses who were also in attendance - in particularly the very caring lady that stopped my crying.

Kind regards

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